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About Us

Southern Community Justice Centre, incorporating Community Mediation Services, is committed to providing a high quality professional service which makes a difference in the lives of individuals, families and communities.

The Service provides a number of different legal and Alternative Dispute Resolution services.

A number of our services are provided to people residing throughout the State of South Australia.

The Legal Service
We employ skilled and qualified solicitors who are sensitive to the diverse range of human situations and challenges that our clients experience.   They understand the complexities and difficulties which often arise from matrimonial separation, and the impact this has upon children.  Additionally, they are aware of financial or social hardship which people can experience, and that every client’s situation is unique.   In conducting your legal matter, we listen to your situation and work with you to provide tailored solutions, addressing your unique needs through personalised attention.

Child Support Services
We are one of the few services in the State of South Australia that provides free specialist child support services, including court representation.
Child Support can be a complex area of law and our trained personnel will assist you to understand your situation and assist you with your matter.

Community Mediation Services
Community Mediation Services specialises in neighbourhood, community and other civil disputes through the application of Alternative Dispute Resolution processes.

This is the only Service in South Australia which provides free Alternative Dispute Resolution services that specialise in neighbourhood disputes. 

Our mediators have diverse backgrounds in areas such as psychology, law, education and are highly skilled and qualified to assist you with your disputes, through applying  Alternative Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management strategies.

Our Values include:

Client Focused

General Information
Southern Community Justice Centre is  the largest Community Legal Service in South Australia and  funded  by the Commonwealth and State Attorney-General’s Departments.

The service is a not-for-profit organisation.

The Southern Community Justice Centre is governed by a Board of Management.