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General Information

The Child Support Service provides assistance to parents who pay Child Support and those who receive Child Support.

Consultations are by appointment and are usually conducted in person.

Telephone appointments are provided, particularly where a person has a physical disability, is unable to travel to our offices for reasons such as lack of transport, or resides in a country region.

We provide assistance to people throughout South Australia and those residing in the southern and inner southern areas of Adelaide and Mt Barker.

Child Support Services are provided by qualified legal personnel.

Interpreter Services can usually be arranged free of charge where required.

Your information is treated confidentially.

Interviews may take up to an hour, and in some cases longer, depending on the nature of your matter.

This Service is not to be confused with the Child Support Agency. We are an independent Service separate to the Child Support Agency.


Client Eligibility

A first interview is provided to most members of the community, regardless of the level of their income.

Ongoing Assistance is provided to eligible clientele who cannot afford to pay a private Solicitor and meet our eligibility criteria.

Court Representation is provided to eligible clients.


Location of our Offices

We have Offices situated at:

Head Office
Christies Beach

Regional Office

Outreach Offices
Mt Barker
Victor Harbor

To make an appointment to consult at any of our offices telephone:

(08) 8384 5222
1300 850 650