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Areas of Practice

The Legal Service practices in a broad range of legal matters.  The main areas of law are outlined below, though we are not limited to these areas of law, and provide assistance in many other areas, subject to practice guidelines.

Family Law

Children’s Issues
Child Support
Contravention and Enforcement of Orders
De facto Relationships and Domestic Partners Matters
Domestic Violence Issues
Location and Recovery Orders
Property Settlement 

Our solicitors are also trained to advise on Family Law Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution. We will assist you to better understand the mediation process and how it relates to your family law situation.

Criminal Law
Property Damage

Civil Law

Debt related matters
Bank Foreclosure on Mortgages
Consumer Complaints
Contract Law
Employment Issues
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Small Claims

We operate a state wide specialist Child Support Service.  Refer to the separate section of this website detailing our Child Support Service.